G.W. Souther is a 4-piece band that features members originally from Alabama and Florida whose talents have combined to form a rather unique sound and audience connectivity from multiple cultures and interest. While being based out of Orlando, FL, The fellas released their debut EP "Freedom on the Line" in mid May 2017 which features the musical blend of Pop, Rock, Reggae, and a lot of soul. It has drawn a lot of attention around central Florida as they continue to build a second body of work slated to be released mid to late 2019.

What’s so unique about G.W. Souther is the old school influence from bands like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and many more that plays their instruments and sing on stage. Each of the 4 brothers bring something unique to the stage inspiring great vibes from elements like Soul, Pop, Rock, Funk, and Experimental. With the addition of guitarist and vocalist Drew Williams from Deland, FL mid 2018, the brothers have added another soulful and experimental element in reaching people with raw talent and ridiculous musicianship. Prior to joining the band, Drew co-wrote and played guitar on “Dr. Bad Girl” which features a heavy drive within the guitar performance as well as an edge in the lyrics like no other music G.W. Souther has released. The additional also shifted and shaped a different sound than what was originally being developed.

The members individually have performed at various festivals including but not limited to The Rock Boat,  The Tropical Heatwave Festival, The Great Outdoors Jam, The Lexington BBQ Cookoff, The Disc Jam, SXSW, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Osheaga, Outside Lands, and Corona Capital just to name a few. They have also worked with artist such as Cloves, Trae Pierce & the T-Stones, Ty$, Hayley Warner, Christina Milian, G Eazy, Jeremih, and Snoop Dogg as session performers, producers, and engineers. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the music from G.W. Souther. They set out only to bring good vibes to a city near you with their jaw dropping singles featuring awesome authentic lyrics and impressive delivery.


What does G.W. Souther mean?

G (Garner) for Byron and Montez

W (Weaver & Williams) for Jon and Drew

Souther (pronounced {suh-ther}) is southern without the N. Byron, Montez, and Weaver are from Alabama and Drew is from Florida . Southern states, southern roots, southern boys. simple right?