G.W. Souther

"You know why we're here"

Welcome to the official artist website for G.W. Souther, one of Central Florida's rising artist bands.

Logos created by Chip Jones @c.j.design (instagram)

The G.W. Souther Tree has a unique meaning to us that we wanted to share. We get this question all the time... What is the meaning of the tree?

The tree has 4 branches which symbolize 4 members of the band. Each member has different attributes and skills that they bring to the table. It’s what makes our sound the way it is just as with any other band. The roots are the same (4 roots). It’s the foundation behind the development of this band. Just as a real tree, as time goes on, this tree will grow and manifest into a stronger being. A bond that takes time to develop. As we create and perform together, you will have the opportunity to be apart of witnessing this tree grow (literally) in different ways. If you are a true Southerlin… you have the opportunity to benefit from this (hint: the merchandise will change throughout the year)